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The Dynasty

'Downtown' Dave Dynasty

'Outlaw' Jesse Houston

The Big Dada

The Fabulous Muvich

The Dynasty

"The Dynasty Timeline"
Blazing a path of managerial genius and financial superiority...

January 6, 2001

Dynasty/Houston/Dada participated in a battle royal
Ronnie Vegas/Austin James defeated Jesse Houston/Big Dada (w/h Dynasty)

December 2, 2000

"Downtown" Dave Dynasty was not in attendance at this HPW show, instead taking care of business. Jesse Houston defeated Spazz to defend his HPW Mid-American Title. The Big Dada defeated Hollywood Swinger Chip Studly, after Houston nailed Studly with his title belt.

"Outlaw" Jesse Houston defeated Spazz (HPW Mid-American Title Defense)
The Big Dada defeated "Sexy" Chip Studly

November 11, 2000

Jesse Houston (w/h Dynasty) defeated Renegade (HPW Mid-American Title Victory)
Barlow Whatley/Mike Winters defeated Dave Dynasty/Big Dada

October 21, 2000

The Renegade defeated Big Dada/Dave Dynasty
Barlow Whatley defeated "Fat Man" Vinny Vachetti (w/h Dynasty)
"Outlaw" Jesse Houston (w/h Dynasty) defeated Ricky Murdoch

October 1, 2000

Dave Dynasty defeated The Butcher
"Outlaw" Jesse Houston (w/h Dynasty) defeated The Renegade
Dynasty/Houston/Vachetti participated in battle royal
Bobo Brazil Jr defeated "Lucious" Lonny Lee (w/h Dynasty)

September 17, 2000

Dave Dynasty/Jesse Houston/Vinny Vachetti defeated Hollywood Swingers/Renegade
"Lucious" Lonny Lee (w/h Dynasty) defeated Tommy Ray Sands

August 12, 2000

The show began with Dave Dynasty accompanying "Outlaw" Jesse Houston to the ring for his match against The Renegade. Renegade was accompanied to the ring by his new manager, Reverend Matt, which did not please Dynasty at all! Late in the match, as Houston held Renegade, Dynasty entered the ring to hit Renegade with a chain. The Renegade ducked, and Dynasty hit Houston inadvertantly! Renegade then caught Dynasty with his patented powerslam, then also powerslammed Houston to gain the win. Dynasty was able to pull it back together to come out later in the card with "Lucious" Lonny Lee for his HPW Cruiserweight Title match with Psycho. Psycho defeated Lee, and then caught Dynasty in the ring. Looking for revenge for his constant interference through the match, Psycho dared Dynasty to hit him. As "Downtown" swung at the champion, Psycho ducked, caught Dynasty, and nailed him with a "rock bottom" slam. Dynasty was pulled out of the ring by Lonny Lee, and stumbled to the back under the assisstance of his charges.

The Renegade defeated "Outlaw" Jesse Houston (w/h Dynasty)
Psycho defeated "Lucious" Lonny Lee (w/h Dynasty)(HPW Cruiserweight Title Match)

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August 11, 2000

Dave Dynasty climbed into the ring once again, this time forced to team with "Outlaw" Jesse Houston to take on the tag team of The Hollywood Swingers. Dynasty looked impressive in the ring, showing great preperation as he and Houston worked well as a team. The match ended when Scotty "Hot Body" Lovins locked Dynasty in a Boston crab, and "Downtown" was forced to tap out. Later in the show, Dynasty came to the ring with his stable member, "Lucious" Lonny Lee, to attack Psycho following his match with The Highlander. Psycho was saved by Bobo Brazil Jr, which lead straight into Lee's match with Brazil... with Psycho staying in Bobo's corner! The match was back and forth, and midway through Psycho crawled under the ring, coming out the other side and attacking Dynasty, locking the manager in his "Straightjacket" crossface finisher. In the ring, distracted by the going-ons outside the ring, Lee was caught going to the top rope, slammed off, and rolled over for the pinfall loss.

Hollywood Swingers defeated Dave Dynasty/Jesse Houston
Bobo Brazil Jr defeated "Lucious" Lonny (w/h Dynasty)

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July 22, 2000

Dave Dynasty made his first appearance on this show by accompanying his charge, "Outlaw" Jesse Houston to the ring for his match against The Renegade. Dynasty made his presence felt during the match, interfering on Houston's behalf on several occassions. In the end, Dynasty nailed Renegade with a low blow, enabling Houston to hit him with a bulldog and score the win. Dynasty then proceeded to call out Jerry Wilson, telling him that he was going to get his revenge for last show's "diaper incident". Suddenly, "Lucious" Lonny Lee came to Wilson's side, to support him in case of a Dynasty attack. But after Dynasty told Wilson that "money talks", Lee turned against Wilson, attacking him, along with Jesse Houston. Psycho and Renegade came to the ring and saved Wilson. Dave Dynasty then accopanied his new stable member, Lonny Lee, to the ring for his match against Psycho, who had someone in his corner as well... Jerry Wilson! Wilson got several blows in on Dynasty during the match, keeping "Downtown" running and hiding throughout the contest. In the end, as Dynasty attempted to interfer and was caught by Psycho, Jesse Houston came to ringside and tossed Lonny Lee a noose, which he used to "hang" Psycho over the top rope, earning himself a disqualification loss.

"Outlaw" Jesse Houston (w/h Dynasty) defeated The Renegade
Psycho defeated "Lucious" Lonny Lee (w/h Dynasty)(HPW Cruiserweight Title Match)

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June 24, 2000

This HPW card started off with a rookie battle royal... in which Dave Dynasty was forced to compete by promoter Jerry Wilson. Dynasty outlasted eight other men, including his archrivals the Hollywood Swinges (Scotty Lovins and Chip Studly) to WIN the battle royal! Feeling very confident in himself, Dynasty then challenged Wilson to pick anybody in attendance to arm wrestle him. If Dynasty won, he'd get control of the HPW for sixty days. If his opponent won, Dynasty would be forced to wear a diaper and bib for the remainder of the card. Wilson agreed to the challenge, and picked Allen Dare, DJ for Columbus, Indiana radio station WRZQ to arm wrestle Dynasty. Dare won, and Dynasty was forced into the diaper.

Dave Dynasty won a battle royal
"Outlaw" Jesse Houston defeated The Butcher

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May 27, 2000

Not one to back down from a challenge, Dave Dynasty returned to the HPW, and managed "Psycho" Sam Cody during his match against "King" Roy Presley. Before the match, Dynasty and Jerry Wilson again got into an argument, which resulted in HPW security attacking Dynasty, and Wilson handcuffing the manager to the ring ropes. Dynasty managed Cody while on the ring apron, handcuffed in the corner. Dynasty eventually freed himself, and attempted to throw powder into the eyes of Presley, who ducked, and Sam Cody instead received the powder. Presley scored the win after the Dynasty mistake. Jerry Wilson then entered the ring, and as Dynasty was checking on Cody, Wilson busted a guitar over his head. Dynasty had to be helped to the back by Sam Cody.

"King" Roy Presley defeated "Psycho" Sam Cody (w/h Dynasty)

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April 30, 2000

After several months of observing the happenings in Hoosier Pro Wrestling, Dave Dynasty was called into the ring by promoter Jerry Wilson. A heated verbal exchanged ensued between the two, and resulted in Wilson hitting Dynasty repeatedly in the head with a cookie sheet. Wilson challenged Dynasty to return to the next HPW show.

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