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Dave Dynasty Dave Dynasty Dave Dynasty
"Professional wrestling's greatest managerial mind!"

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"Downtown" Dave Dynasty and his brother Donald kicked off the year 2002 with a bang! At the January 5th HPW show, Dave Dynasty battled Tommy Ray Sands for the HPW Heavyweight Title. Dynasty scored a pinfall after hitting Sands with a foreign object. The referee saw the object in the ring, and overturned the decision, giving Sands a disqualification victory, and allowing him to retain his title. This caused Dynasty to go crazy, attacking Dynasty, and soon revealing his newly reformed stable, The Dynasty. The members of the stable were revealed when they all rushed the ring to join in on the attack of Sands; "Bad Ass" Ricky Murdock, "High Roller" Austin James, "Scrappin'" Scotty Lovins, "The Bombshell" Mercedes, and "The Giant Killer" Tiny Tim. The attack continued until HPW Promoter threatened to fire Murdock if he did not stop the attack on the bloody Sands. Murdock did NOT quit, so Wilson fired him, then attempted to help Sands by entering the ring with a steel chair... only to also be attacked and bloodied. The crowd in attendance nearly rioted, rushing the ring and attmempting to help Sands and Wilson. The fans swung at The Dynasty members, and attempted to pull Sands and Wilson from the ring, to no avail. The attack continued until finally wrestlers came from the locker room to the duo's aid. After regaining some composure, Tommy Sands begged Wilson not to fire Murdock... and instead, allow him to gain hi own revenge in the ring. Wilson finally agreed... signing a tag team match for the February 2nd HPW show, pitting Tommy Ray Sands and "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert against Ricky Murdock and any Dynasty member he chooses. There are a couple stipulations on the match... it will be a lumberjack match, and Wilson says that Dave Dynasty will be locked inside a CAGE at ringside!