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"The Dynasty Report"
Thoughts from a managerial genius...

Relections on the June 24, 2001 Hoosier Pro Wrestling show and more

The June 24th show certainly proved to be a historic one for the HPW. First off, by allowing the fans to draw the matches for the show, the fans got to see some interesting matches. Psycho and myself got to kick the show off, as he wrestled Johnny Law in a HPW try-out match. I've seen Law around the state, seen him wrestle before... and the guy's got an attitude, without a doubt. But with the opportunity to become a regular in the HPW on the line, he seemed to step it up a notch further. Law fell to Psycho that night, but he proved that he's going to be a forth to contend with in HPW. Matter of fact... he proved he was a force to contend with that night... more on that in a second...

No sooner than I got into the locker room with Psycho following his match, I was told that I had been drawn to compete in the next match. I was told it was a tag match... the other team would be Barlow Whatley and HPW Cruiserweight Champion Pee-Wee... I mean Pyro. I was the first member of my team drawn, and my partner had yet to be picked. I went out, anxious to test myself against the team of "Short Stuff" Pyro and "Stick Man" Barlow... and then I heard some familiar theme music. It seems that fate had drawn my partner to be none other than "Outlaw" Jesse Houston... a man I used to manage, but frankly can't stand now. He blamed me for his string of losses when I managed him... sorry "Outhouse", YOU lost those matches. It's amazing that I somehow managed your no-talent corpse to the Mid-American Title. It was much easier to accomplish that with a talent like Psycho. Anyway, I told promoter Jerry Wilson I wouldn't team with Houston. He assured me that the fans wanted to see the match... after all, they DREW the match. So I agreed, reluctantly. And my fear's proved to be right on the money (no pun intended). Just when I took back control of the match for us, I went to make a tag to Houston... when he walked out on me. He left me... two on one, to battle the odds. Well... it didn't happen. As I stood stunned, questioning Houston's motives (I guess I just couldn't believe that someone could be THAT self centered!), Barlow Whatley rolled me up from behind, grabbed a handful of my belt, and scored a pinfall. I won't make excuses... I turned my back, I allowed myself to be distracted from the match... I lost. Plain and simple. And I have no doubts that "Redneck" Houston enjoyed watching me get pinned... matter of fact, I'm sure that's what he wanted when he walked out on me. But be warned Houston... your time is coming. I will catch you in the ring, and will take out my anger on your backwoods hide!

Later in the show Psycho was drawn to wrestle again. Actually, it was main event time, and only two names were left in the hat. Psycho's... and Mercedes'. Probably the two most popular competitors in the HPW. And I for one was excited to see the match... and I had a ringside seat! The match proved to be a huge disappointment for me for one reason... very early in the match, Psycho injured his knee. I could tell it was injured... referee Jason Harding could tell it was injured... and Psycho KNEW it was injured. But he wouldn't quit... he kept going. He wanted to win... wanted to entertain the fans. But he wound up doing more damage. And when Mercedes had the pin on Psycho... after Psycho had suffered severely... I couldn't watch anymore. I broke up the pin. Yes, I know... I blantantly interefered. I intended too. The match had to be stopped right then and there... so I stopped it. I know it cost Psycho a DQ loss, but I was sure that if I didn't act, Psycho's knee would be severely injured, and he might have lost his title to Mercedes. So I did what I thought was in the best interests of Psycho. Merecedes didn't seem to see it my way... and I understand. I cost her the Mid-American Title, and she told me she didn't appreciate it. I apologized to her, but while we were having our misunderstanding, Johnny Law and Jesse Houston hit the ring, and attacked Psycho, further injuring his knee. By time me and Mercedes were able to chase them off, the damage had been done. We rushed Psycho to the hospital, and had his knee checked out. A severe sprain, which is actually a relief. Nothing major... nothing long term... nothing career threatening. But the doctor did recommend Psycho take a month off. So he will. Psycho has decided it best to stay home and not attend the July 14th HPW show... so that his knee can heal properly, and he can get back to 100% for the fans. But I will be there... and Houston... I'm looking for you chump. And one way or another... I'll find you. And Psycho will return... and when he does... Houston and Law had better watch their backs. If any of you fans want to get ahold of me, drop me an e-mail at I'll pass along any messages to Psycho, as he certainly appreciates hearing from his fans. See you on July 14th... don't forget... former WWF superstar GRANDMASTER SEXAY will be on the show! Don't miss it!