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"The Dynasty Report"
Thoughts from a managerial genius...

Relections on the January 6, 2001 Hoosier Pro Wrestling show

My, my, my... well peons, it has certainly been a long time, hasn't it? Now I know you've all been holding your stinky breath, waiting to hear from your idol. Well, not that I owe ANY of you an explanation, but I've been extremely busy taking care of business. When you're as wealthy as I am, you have a lot of business to take care of! Let me now address a few issues that have risen in the recent past:

The whereabouts of "Fat Man" Vinny Vachetti- Mr. Vachetti had originally planned to take some time off for some intensive training. But while training, "Fat Man" encountered an accident... and broke his ankle. The injury is fairly severe, and Mr. Vachetti has returned home to his family in New Jersey. Will he return? It doesn't seem likely... but you never know what the future holds!

The whereabouts of "Lucious" Lonny Lee- Mr. Lee chose to take some time off from professional wrestling. A business venture of his in California experienced some set backs, so he had to personally go and take care of them. When he's ready, he will return to the squared circle in some capacity.

The welfare leeching, half pint, inbred, loser of a midget called Mr. Not-So Big- That's right... HPW promoter Jerry Wilson brought in a midget on January 6th, and threw the little guy into a battle royal with other HPW wrestlers, including me. Well, the battle came down to just me and the midget, after I easily disposed of the lunatic Psycho. But then, as I was merely explaining to Psycho that he need not feel bad, EVERYBODY looks bad compared to Dave Dynasty, the little twerp snuck up behind me LOW BLOWED me (which, last time I checked was ILLEGAL) and tossed me out. This came after Mr. Not-So Big had low blowed me on TWO other occassions. Well, what's done is done... Mr. Big, watch your back... and that shouldn't take long, consdering you're only 4'6"... because Dynasty will get his revenge next time you set foot in the HPW!

Peons, I'm going to stop there. Simply put... the thought of that little punk, Mr. Big, and Jerry Wilson cheating me out of victory, makes my stomach turn. If any of you morons want to voice your worthless opinion, feel free to e-mail me at I won't say I'll care about what you say, but it'll make your life to even have your existence acknowledged by me! Later fools...